My OU Cousins Family

Last semester I decided to rejoin OU Cousins. I hadn’t participated in the group since my freshman year, but I was excited to connect with international students again, especially after being an international student myself in South Africa.

At the matching party, I paired with Jade, who is from France. While there, I ran into fellow GEF Anne Delong, who had matched with Jade’s Belgian roommate Jolien and Rosie from Vietnam. We decided to merge into one OU Cousins family, adding Nelson from Venezuela at the last minute.

This year with OU Cousins has been amazing thanks to this family. We have tried American burgers at McNellie’s and Italian-American dishes at Othello’s and Olive Garden. Jade’s family immigrated to France from Italy so her reactions were priceless. We celebrated both mine and Jade’s birthdays. We went to see Venom at Meacham. They even came to support my monologue during Me Too Monologues.

Jolien returned to Belgium at the end of last semester, but I hope to see the rest of my Cousins at least a couple more times before I graduate!

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